Woman Makes Paratha With Mother-In-Law; What Happens Next Will Leave You In Splits

The internet is brimming with food-related entertainment. From extravagant food fusions to hyper-realistic cakes, we encounter countless fun-filled moments intertwined with culinary escapades. In a recent viral sensation, a humorous video depicting a mother-in-law teaching her daughter-in-law how to cook has taken Instagram by storm. Following the clip’s release, the comment section has been flooded with witty and amusing remarks from viewers. The clip kicks off with the mother-in-law skillfully flipping a paratha on a hot griddle. Initially, she demonstrates the technique to her daughter-in-law with finesse.
However, when it’s the daughter-in-law’s turn to try, things take an unexpected turn as the piping hot paratha lands directly on the mother-in-law’s hands. Startled, the daughter-in-law swiftly runs out of the kitchen. Shortly after, as the son enters the kitchen to ask what went wrong, instead of responding verbally, his mother gives a tight slap on his face, leaving him bewildered. In shock, the son questions, “Maa ki kita mein? [What did I do?]” The text overlaid on the video reads, “When I tried to learn cooking from my mother-in-law.” Take a look at the video below:
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After watching the video, hundreds of people shared their opinions in the comment section. A user wrote, “Ladkiyon ki speed after doing kaand [That is girls’ speed after messing up things.]” Another added, “Tu hi laya isko, toh tu hi pitega [You brought her home, you will be beaten.]” Someone said, “Bahu ke bhagne ki speed [The running speed of daughter-in-law.] A person wrote, “Yaar ye mujhe mera future kyun lag raha hai [Why am I thinking this is my future?] “The thappar [slap] was so  personal,” echoed a few. “Love marriage tha isliye thappad mila [Must be love marriage, that is why he got slapped.],” read a comment.

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