6 Different Ways To Use Rice Paper To Make Yummy Treats

Rice paper is one of the most popular and versatile Asian ingredients on the market today. You often see it being featured not only in viral recipes and trending videos but also in various cafes and restaurants. The delicate consistency of rice paper is what sets it apart. Some uses of rice paper are fairly well-known. But all you need is a little creativity and you can use them to make new and exciting dishes. Wondering what are some of the easy ones you can try at home? Below, we discuss some of the top uses for rice paper you should check out:

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Here Are 6 Different Uses Of Rice Paper You Need To Know About:

1. Rice Paper Spring Rolls

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This is one of the most common uses of rice paper. You can make a wide variety of spring rolls and dumplings using this paper as the covering. From simple vegetables to indulgent meat and seafood stuffings, there’s no shortage of options.

2. Rice Paper Wraps

You can use relatively larger-sized rice papers as a substitute for your regular flour-heavy wraps. You can experiment with different fillings and go beyond regular Asian flavours too. The rice paper will also lend a distinctive texture to your wraps.

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3. Fried Rice Paper Snacks

You can use fry rice paper pockets and make crispy snacks that are sure to delight you. Nowadays, people are also enjoying making fusion treats like rice paper samosas. The idea might not please everyone but there’s no denying its uniqueness.

4. Rice Paper Crisps

Rice paper doesn’t always need to function as some form of wrap or covering. You can also simply fry them as they are and make wonderfully light crisps. Pair/ top them with spicy dips and you have the perfect snacking combo for movie nights! Note that rice paper is rather delicate and generally does need too much heat/ time in order to cook once it hits the oil.

5. Rice Paper Noodles

Cut rice paper into thin strips to make your own rice noodles! Doesn’t that sound tempting? This is a creative hack when you’re craving some wholesome noodles but forgot to buy them earlier. You can use sweet and spicy sauces to build flavour and add veggies for extra nutrition to your rice paper noodles.

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6. Rice Paper Desserts

Rice paper applications are not limited to the savoury realm. You can also use them to make unforgettable sweet treats! For instance, you can fill them with the decadence of chocolate, nuts and fruits. Caramel with apple is a popular flavour combination when it comes to these desserts.

What is your go-to dish when it comes to rice paper? Let us know in the comments below.

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