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No matter how much better or worse the rift gets between Prince William and Prince Harry, something tells us Meghan Markle is going to take heat for it.

Amid Princess Catherine‘s very serious cancer diagnosis — and that of King Charles III, as well — the royal family is going through the wringer right now. And of course, on top of all that, the sadly widening rift between William and Harry seems to be bigger and more insurmountable than ever with the two brothers thousands of miles apart both physically and emotionally.

But things could change soon. Per the Mirror, there is ongoing speculation that William and Kate Middleton may have invited (or are soon to invite) Harry and Meghan to the UK for a visit along with their two children — Archie, 4, and Lilibet, 2. But that’s all speculation up to this point. And even if the invite does prove to be legit, at least one royal expert now claims there’s one person who would potentially be the one who holds up any hope of a full reconciliation. You guessed it. Meghan.

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Royal insider Richard Fitzwilliams spoke to The Sun on Monday, musing “surprising” things could happen as early as “next week” in regards to a possible physical meeting between the two terribly estranged brothers and their families. Specifically, Fitzwilliams claims a meeting between Wills and Harry could go down during the Invictus Games‘ tenth showing in the U.K. in May, which would potentially be HUGE!!! But… there’s a catch. Fitzwilliams noted:

“Harry will be here at some point in May, and maybe before then to see King Charles. The problem is the King and Princess of Wales have their diagnosis’ and no one knows the state of what precisely William and Harry have said to each other when they spoke briefly. The rumours have been that it wasn’t an in-depth talk.”

We totally get that. There’s still a lot up in the air for both William and Harry. Who knows what will come of their reconciliation in May — if it even happens! But for Fitzwilliams, the issue at hand isn’t the future King, nor the Spare author. It’s Meghan! And ONLY Meghan! Seriously?! The royal expert argued that a reconciliation could potentially come in May so long as Markle doesn’t muck it up:

“The problem is it’s a very deep rift. The third problem is Meghan isn’t obviously keen on visiting Britain because she is not popular here. Nor is Harry, but it’s different for him. She’s asked for this. If she comes there will be a huge amount of adverse publicity because of the way she has acted for the past four years. On top of that you have the issue of Archie and Lilibet who are completely blameless.”

OK, wait a minute. Harry and William have long-standing problems that go beyond Meghan’s presence, but somehow she’s the one on whom all this hinges?! AKA she’s the one set up to be the fall guy (er, fall girl) if the meeting goes to pot?? Seems a little unfair to us to dump it ALL on her, but ooookay…

Fitzwilliams went on to claim Meghan has a built-in “excuse” for opting not to travel across the pond in May: security concerns. After Harry lost his bid for an enhanced security detail, the royal insider believes he and his TV star spouse could use the lack of safety as a reason for Meghan not to show up in May:

“The security would be decided on a case by case basis, they would make sure the trip was secure from the point of view of the UK. I think security could be used as an excuse not to come though.”

Then Fitzwilliams went on to slam Meghan even more! He claimed that she’s on the outs “for a good reason” after a series of “horrible” interviews and media appearances to promote Spare:

“Meghan has every right to come but they have been thrown out of Frogmore and for a good reason. Spare and the interviews around it were horrible, frankly. She has the perfect excuse not to come over because Harry has lost his security case.”

Wait, in the same breath he’s blaming Spare AND saying it’s her fault? Does he think SHE wrote her husband’s autobiography?? Sigh, they probably do actually…

And yet anything is possible! Fitzwilliams went on to note that, sadly, something as grave as cancer does sometimes build new bridges among fractured families. And with both Charles and Kate fighting that difficult battle right now, an unforeseen push towards a full reconciliation could yet happen:

“Serious illness is the big changer, despite everything that’s happened, given the seriousness of the situation, anything can happen. William is under tremendous pressure, he’s got a father and his wife who are seriously ill and on top of that there’s royal duties. When you have serious illness it’s a game changer and the situation changes totally. There could be something that surprises us all. You could have all the Sussexes over here, it’s perfectly possible a reunion could happen. Next week, next month, next year, you could get something you never dreamed you’d get.”

Ya never know, right?

In the end, Fitzwilliams believes the ball is in Meghan’s court when it comes to whether or not she, Archie, and Lilibet show up in the UK in May. Harry will for sure be around for his beloved Invictus Games. However, the royal reporter believes it’s highly unlikely he’d bring his two little ones if Meghan did not come along, as well:

“Meghan has the say. There’s no doubt Harry wishes to convey he is a very devoted family man and will put them above everything else. Just like William. If Meghan didn’t want to come she could never be forced to. It would be extremely unlikely Harry would come over with the kids without Meghan. That would send the message there was a division in the marriage. There’s absolutely no chance that would happen.”

The whole thing is complicated AF. And to be fair, there is no question Meghan plays a key role in this whole sordid situation. But to act like she’s the only thing holding William and Harry back from figuring out there issues is a little too strong, no?? Talk about going all-in on the blame game! What do U make of this expert’s thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Share your takes down in the comments (below)!!

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