Valentine’s Day 2024: news Your Love With Heart-Shaped Desserts This Chocolate Day

Love is in the air! We have begun with the official countdown to V-Day 2024, landing on Chocolate Day — marked every year on the third day of the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. If you are planning to celebrate this week of romance with your partner, do not miss out on this chocolatey day on February 9, 2024. Wondering what to do? Your partner may call you cute but please don’t settle on buying a bar or box of chocolate from a store. If you want to make things special and win your partner’s heart all over again, we suggest you prepare a delicious heart-shaped chocolate dessert by yourself.

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Here Are 5 Heart-Shaped Desserts To Make By Yourself On Chocolate Day:

1. Chocolate Hearts

This is one of the simplest and classic chocolate desserts for Valentine’s Day. All you need to make these chocolate hearts is cooking chocolate and a heart-shaped mould to freeze them in. You can decorate these chocolates with pink coloured sprinkles, silver and gold sugar balls or little sugary hearts. Wrap them neatly in a Valentine’s Day-themed box, write a love-filled message for your partner and your classic handmade chocolate gift is ready.

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2. Heart Shape Nutty Fudge

If you are looking to experiment a little with the classic chocolates, try this heart-shaped fudge recipe, made with cocoa and lots of nuts. Fudge has an intense cocoa flavour and a melt-in-mouth texture. Once the fudge is ready, cut it into heart shapes and toss it in icing sugar for the final look. Click here for a step-by-step recipe.

3. Chocolate Sandwich In A Heart

If you are a fan of the film ‘Wake Up Sid’, you would remember Aisha’s birthday scene — nothing grand, just two people having a party with tea and a cake-lookalike crafted using bread and jam. You can replicate the same for the simplest yet super romantic gesture to win your partner’s heart all over again. Add a chocolatey twist by switching jam with a chocolate spread. Once your sandwich is ready, you can cut it out in a heart shape to make it look even more romantic.

4. Heart-Shaped Dark Chocolate Cake

Nothing beats the magic of baking a cake. To make this Valentine’s Day special cake, you need a heart-shaped cake tin. Choose rich ingredients like Belgian dark chocolate to make a decadent cake. Decorate the cake with rainbow sprinkles and dried flower petals. Click here for the full recipe.

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5. Chocolate Pistachio Heart Cookies

Maybe everyone can make heart-shaped cookies but you can make your cookies stand out by dipping them in melted chocolate and sprinkling some finely chopped pistachios. This will add a chocolatey flavour and also a nutty flavour. If your partner is not a pistachio fan, you can replace it with any other dry fruit of their liking.

Now get going to the kitchen and come out with a chocolatey heart-shaped dessert to woo your partner all over again. Happy Chocolate Day!

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