India has claimed that wing commander Abhinandan has shot down F-16 with a Mig-21. And US counted Pakistan F-16 and said we recently counted Pakistan F-16 and found none missing.

Did India Shoot Down a Pakistani F-16 Jet?

us counted pakistan f16 jet

America has Pakistan on the use of F-16 aircraft in the fight against India on 27 Feb. A US based magazine has said in its report. That the fighter aircraft F-16 that US has given to the Pakistan is completely counted and no Pakistan F-16 is missing. After this investigation of the US, questions have been raised about India’s allegations against Pakistan in February.

India entered Pakistan on the night of 26 February 2019 and done air strikes on terrorist bases and destroyed them. After that Pakistan had infiltrated into Indian territory
for strikes next day. And tried to attack with F-16 fighter aircraft as said by IAF. And IAF had destroyed F-16 fighter jet that was crashed in Pakistan side.

These two U.S. officials told the Foreign Policy that recently US Defense Officers counted the F-16 aircraft sold to Pakistan. And there is no change in number of F-16 aircraft in this count.

India’s claim to destroy an American F-16 plane is wrong. The information had given to Foreign Policy by the US.

On this now finger is pointing toward Modi government. As Modi government has given official statement that one Pakistan F-16 jet was shorten down. Now government has to answer this allegation from world and should clear the whole case.

pakistan f16 in air

IAF said on US statement that no F-16 missing

After the us statement that US counted Pakistan F-16 no missing JET. The Indian air force claimed that Pakistan F-16 communication has been intercept by Indian forces . IAF said that the intercepted communication was of Pakistani F16. In which they were saying that one of the F-16 has not reached to the base of flying. On behalf of this Indian has cleared that one jet shot down.

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