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After the deployment of two Indian warships in the Bay of Oman seems that India into US Iran tension, the navy will now send some officers to the oil tankers of India . Between the increasing number of military conflicts in the US and Iran, India has decided to increase the safety of its oil tankers passing through the Strait of Hormuz. As Iran had killed an American drone three days ago.

Now the tension is at such level that India has also jumped in this tension . India is not supporting any of the country and have maintained a distance from this matter . But India has sent two of it war ship said for protection on of there oil tank in this tensed atmosphere.

us blamed Iran for an attack on oil tankers


US President Donald Trump has ordered to attack , but he had withdrawn orders late last night. According to reports published in the New York Times, at 7:00 pm, the US Army and the Trump Administration officials had prepared a complete plan for the attack. Locations where locked and attacked were also marked. The paper wrote on behalf of the sources. The jets were ready in the sky, the navy too had taken their positions. But the missiles were not launched. In the meantime, Trump withdrew the decision to attack. “At the moment, there has been no confirmation about why this was done.

US said there will be deth of more than 150 peoples if US attacked on Iran. Russia also supported Iran and said there will be massive war is america is going to do such things.
The tensions between the two countries had increased after the fire broke out in two US oil tankers on June 13.

United States blamed Iran for an attack on oil tankers


The United States blamed Iran for an attack on oil tankers in the Bay of Oman. Even earlier, the US had raised finger towards the Islamic Republic about similar attacks in this strategic marine area . External Affairs Ministry Mike Pompeio sayed that the US government believes Iran is responsible for the attacks in the Gulf.

According to intelligence, on the basis of the weapons used in the attack, it is known that the attack has been done only from Iran. In recent times, tension has increased over the nuclear deal between Iran and the US. Last year, the US had separated itself from Iran’s nuclear deal. The United States has been blaming the United Nations Security Council for violating the proposal.

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