Healthy Intestine: This Tangy Post-Meal Paan Shot May Promote Good Digestion


  • Paan is filled with diet C and antioxidants
  • Paan would possibly result in reduction from gastric ache, acidity and constipation
  • Paan used to be served put up heavy meal because the very last thing at the menu

Paan- one of the most oldest types of Indian mouth-freshener- has a historical past of its personal. Paan has been part of Indian meals tradition since time immemorial. Often referred to as betel leaf, pan patta is grown in numerous portions of India, together with West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Uttar Pradesh and extra. Legend has it, the phrase betel is derived from the phrase vettila (in Tamil/Malayalam) by the use of Portuguese. Chewing a paan with supari (areca nut) and chuna (slaked lime) after lunch or dinner is part of the custom of this nation. However do you know, paan patta or betel leaf is greater than only a conventional mouth-freshener?  It’s been stated that betel leaves support a number of digestion connected problems.

Betel Leaves For Higher Digestion:

It’s mentioned that chewing paan put up meal will increase the secretion of digestive juices. It additionally reduces abdomen bloating and other different gut-related problems.  It’s filled with diet C and antioxidants. This is helping the frame to do away with loose radicals, toxins and is helping to regulate the pH stage of the tummy. All you wish to have to do is soak paan in water in a single day and drink the water the following morning (empty abdomen).  As paan is helping in keeping up the pH steadiness of the tummy, it’ll result in reduction from gastric ache, acidity and constipation.

Previous, paan used to be served put up heavy meal because the very last thing at the menu. A standard paan is made with paan patta, supari, chuna, kattha (catechu), saunf (fennel seeds), desiccated coconut, gulkand, elaichi and mouth fresheners, as wanted.

Now-a-days, a number of experiments are finished with paan. One of the quite common ones are- paan kulfi, paan toffee, paan ka sharbat, paan thandai and extra. However did you ever bring to mind paan shot?

We deliver you a Five-minute recipe of paan shot that you’ll be able to simply function a mouth freshener, as a substitute of our conventional paan!

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Take a look at Out The Paan Shot Recipe:

Serves- one individual


Betel leaves (paan)- two to a few.

Lime juice- one teaspoon.

Chaat masala-half teaspoon (click here for home-made chaat masala recipe).

Black salt- a pinch or two.

Roasted spice combine (jeera, dhania and crimson sit back) – half of teaspoon.

Shot glass.


Blank the paan and make a paste in a blender.

Pressure the juice in a shot glass.

Upload lemon juice, chaat masala, black salt and roasted masala to it.

Now, take a shot.

Take a look at it at house and provides us your comments. Revel in!

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