SAJJAN PRAKASH Indian swimmer who lives in Kerala, has created a biggest national record in swimming and created history for India. Sajjan Prakash won gold in Asian game on 18 august Sunday. He created record in difficult situation as his whole family is facing problem in Kerala flood.

Sajjan grown in presence of their grandparent he didn’t know about situation of his grandparent as his grandparent were in area where flood effected most. He only known that they have moved to safe place. Sajjan said he was unable to sleep at night a day before the event due to tension. Instead of this he is now one step away to won gold in this game.

Sajjan Prakash won gold

Sajjan mother who is a tamilian has also not said anything about family to Sajjan clearly as she said that will affect his performance in game. Sajjan practice hours for swimming in south Africa by coach Garham.

Now the man can won the gold as he is in finals of the game and made proud to his family. He taken 1.58.12  minute of time and created history for India by reaching in finals.

In the history of India his name will be written by the golden words . He make India proud by his golden efforts and reaching in finals. His hard practice made him to remain concentrated in the game after bunch of problem with him . He hade problems of his family who may be in problem in flood of Kerala.

Sajjan Prakash won gold

Now he will be able to know about his family after reaching country. Sajjan made history by reaching near winning gold for India after 32 year .
Kerala is effected by a vast flood more then 4 lakh families are affected by this drastic flood and death number has been raised to 400 and chances of increasing the number is more. At this stage a man is standing like steel for the country without thinking of his problems he created a new history.

flood in kerala

In the field of swimming now India has put step by SAJJAN PRAKASH. He has created a bench mark for the youth by his sprit and work done by him.




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